Welcome to our shed.

VideoToolShed was founded by Edit'B, a small post production boutique that has been working with digital video since 1994. Besides the video part we program multimedia, not only the tools you find here but a lot of (kids) games. During the last ten years we have developed our own software, such as FCP auxTC reader, ReCut and our professional subtitle tool SubBits subtitler, to help us solve a variety of problems. This site is a result of our efforts.

Feel free to nose around. You can download a free demo version of all applications, without any registration. The demo version is the same code as the full version, but has been limited in either maximum duration of use or save/export functionality. However, the demo should give you enough possibilities to see if it works for you.

All packages are SAFE! There are NO installers, nothing will be altered to your operating system. Absolutely nothing will be copied outside the directory you keep the product.

As we use these products ourselves and others ask for more functionality, there is constant development. Whenever a product is updated and appears stable in our shop, we put it up here. You can always download newer versions if you like.

Please do not hesitate to give feedback if you need more functionality. Also, please do report bugs you might encounter. If you have a problem that cannot be solved with one of our products, perhaps we can develop a tailor-made application for you.

Enough reading, get to the good stuff!